Hi-Tide Recordings & Future Primitive Records present this special 10-year anniversary LP pressing of The Tikiyaki Orchestra’s «Swingin› Sounds for The Jungle Jetset!»

Swanky bachelor pads, in-flight cocktails, deep jungles – all these textures build a tapestry of pure escapist exotica as The Tikiyaki Orchestra takes you to uncharted islands and far away lands. This album is the perfect for your jetset lifestyle.

  1. Bachelor #1
  2. Tabu For Two
  3. Singapore Swing
  4. Bachelor #2
  5. Dan-o’s Day Off
  6. Sunset On The Kona Kai
  7. Tango Tahiti
  8. Bali Hai-Ball
  9. Makaha
  10. Last Sampan To Kowloon
  11. Bachelor #3
  12. Poho Moku

• Limited second pressing on «Bone» colored vinyl
• Made in Canada

Quelle: Hi-Tide Recordings