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Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited returns with 12 new surf, spy, space-age, lounge & exotica instrumentals with exclusive gatefold artwork by SHAG!

Formed in Zürich, Switzerland in 1996 by Ernst Maeschi and Karin Simpson-Diblitz, the group’s music has been featured in “The Bossa Nova Squad” (Disney), “Hilda” (Netlix), “The Chris Isaak Show” (CBS) & more

VIDEOS & STREAMING PRE-SAVE: https://found.ee/flawlessmsdrake

1. The Flawless Ms Drake 🎶 https://found.ee/msdrakesingle
2. Return to Marrakech
3. Land of Swinging Atoms
4. Come Out to Play 🎶 https://found.ee/comeouttoplay
5. Secret Lab
6. Inspector Cortez
7. Your Move Ms Drake
8. Catnip
9. Mysterious Mr Flynn
10. Escape from Flynn Castle
11. Something Comes Crawling
12. Anytime But Not Today

Quelle: Hi-Tide Recordings